Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Not Okay

So now I'm angry.  This whole "find a way, anyway, just get it done no matter the cost to democracy" attitude of our politicians is making me ill.  It wasn't acceptable when George W. Bush did it and it's not acceptable now.  (PS, has anyone else taken note of the face that Obama re-signed the Patriot Act?  Why isn't that bigger news?) 

The government answers to US.  If you can't pass a bill because our representatives are afraid to vote or not vote--then YOU DON'T PASS A BILL.  It's pretty simple and I'm tired of the republicans, democrats, independents and all of them weaseling their way around what the people want. 

For all of you who are okay with how Obama and the majority of democrats are maneuvering to get this Health Care Bill passed, think about how ticked off you were when Bush signed executive order after executive order to prevent open discussion about outrageous changes in policy.  It wasn't okay then; it's not okay now.  Somewhere along the line we have to insist on a better way of doing things.

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