Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back In Boston

It was over a year and a half ago that Jorge moved to the South Shore of Boston for a fantastic opportunity at a small, successful video game studio. Two weeks ago, I flew out of Akron/Canton airport with two suitcases (both weighing 49 lbs each...wiggling their way just under the "overweight" moniker that results in a $50 charge) and into Logan airport. I wasn't born in Boston, but it certainly felt like a homecoming. I went to college at Boston University, then graduate school, too. After a short stint in Hoboken, NJ, I moved back to Boston. Something about this city just keeps calling me back.

There's a lot to love here..and a lot that makes me go, "where the hell am I?"

-Amazing ice cream. Herrells, JP Licks, Angora's Cafe to name a few.
-The Water. I love how Boston uses its waterfront, something Cleveland appears to be brainless about.
-Boston Common & Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous, perfectly landscaped, miraculously peaceful.
-Food. Every cusine for every tastebud is within reach. I adore the Other Side Cafe...where else can you get freshly made raw juices, smoothies, gourmet sandwiches AND one of the biggest beer lists you've ever seen?
-Everything is close. Connecticut, Rhode Island, The Cape, New Hampshire...all just a short drive away.
-Independent & international films. Easy to find, easy to love
-INTELLIGENCE. With so many universities around, there are smart, creative, and fascinating people everywhere. Stop into a CVS for some errands, end up having a 20 minute conversation about the illusory nature of reality.

-Perhaps to balance out the big brains, there is a plethora of people in Massachusetts who seem to have had their medullas separated from their oblongatas. Case in point: Jorge and I were in a local restaraunt and asked what vegetarian options were available. The response was "how about some chicken fingers?"
-An obsession with furniture. Furniture stores advertise more frequently than democrats and republicans blame each other for the world's problems.
-Potholes. I take that back. Boston doesn't have potholes, they have craters.
-Self-obsession. A lot of people here seem to think that Massachusetts is the only state in the union. Mention "Ohio" or "California" and their eyes glaze over and the only word they can utter is "WHO?"
-RED SOX NATION. Being a fan here is more about cursing the yankees. I'm from Cleveland. yes, I'm extremely jealous.

I miss my family and friends...but, Boston, I'm glad to be back. I've got some karma in this town and I've got a feeling it's bringing me some pretty amazing experiences.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Megan & Jorge Get Married

After a year and a half of once-a-month weekend visits, long phone calls, exhausting planning and too many nights wondering when our life together would get started, Jorge and I got married on June 13, 2009 at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It was an unbelievable wedding, if I do say so myself. The gardens are one of the most beautiful spots in Cleveland, a spiritual oasis in the middle of the city. We said our vows in the Japanese Garden, as gospel singers sang "Are you ready for a miracle", standing atop big, smooth stones that reminded me of that classic bible school song "The wise man built his house upon the rock." Our friend and officiant Reverend Hamp Horton dropped the rings, but my Dad saved the day by leaping up from his seat and swiftly getting them back into Hamp's hands. Who needs a wedding without ring drama?

Our photographer, Melissa Rudick, captured amazing shots of every little moment and detail--and since Jorge and I are both creative, picky, and slightly weird, there were a lot of details. Check out some of her work here: www.melissarudickphotographyl.com/blog

To everyone who joined us, Thank You. There have been moments, days in my life that I've felt God's presence so profoundly that I know I'll never be the same Megan again. June 13th was one of those days and I'm honored that you could be there. Hopefully you felt something, too.