Sunday, July 05, 2009

Megan & Jorge Get Married

After a year and a half of once-a-month weekend visits, long phone calls, exhausting planning and too many nights wondering when our life together would get started, Jorge and I got married on June 13, 2009 at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. It was an unbelievable wedding, if I do say so myself. The gardens are one of the most beautiful spots in Cleveland, a spiritual oasis in the middle of the city. We said our vows in the Japanese Garden, as gospel singers sang "Are you ready for a miracle", standing atop big, smooth stones that reminded me of that classic bible school song "The wise man built his house upon the rock." Our friend and officiant Reverend Hamp Horton dropped the rings, but my Dad saved the day by leaping up from his seat and swiftly getting them back into Hamp's hands. Who needs a wedding without ring drama?

Our photographer, Melissa Rudick, captured amazing shots of every little moment and detail--and since Jorge and I are both creative, picky, and slightly weird, there were a lot of details. Check out some of her work here:

To everyone who joined us, Thank You. There have been moments, days in my life that I've felt God's presence so profoundly that I know I'll never be the same Megan again. June 13th was one of those days and I'm honored that you could be there. Hopefully you felt something, too.

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