Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just a quick note for Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I know some of you don't care too much for this holiday...just another way for stores to make you spend more money.  But think back to those days of yore--aka, kindergarten--when Valentine's Day was simply about giving your classmates a nice little note.  Spreading the love, if you will.  I remember coming home from school, flopping down on my bed, and sorting through the tiny cards to see what my friends wrote to me.  Most of them were just signed in awkward sprawl, "From, Carrie" or "David."  A few containted more complex thoughts:  "You're nice.  From, Mark."  Even then, I tried to read more into what they wrote.  But mostly I just appreciated having a little piece of paper that let me know someone thought of me that day.

I think holidays only become commercialized when we let them.  We're the ones who bring the holiday spirit, we're the ones who make them meaningful. 

Hope you feel loved today.  If you don't, go love someone anyway.

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