Saturday, November 21, 2009

Girl In The Sky

Running faster, picking up speed, here I go now
No can one can stop me
I’m wearing the cloak of protection
I’ve had it always
only found it yesterday.

Feet pound against pavement, snug in my shoes
I’m breathing fast and in control
The ground gets farther and farther away
Don’t need it
I’m flying now.

Past the birds, the clouds, the airplanes
The runners who stick to the earth
I’m too fast for them; they hold themselves back
And I refuse.

Fast again, wind whips at my skin, yells
“Move! Higher! Go!”
And I do, I am a follower of the wind
A friend of the sky
I know my place in this world
And I know it is not

This poem wrote me. I let my fingers soar across the keyboard until they found the letters and the words they wanted. Didn't do too much editing when it was done. I liked its energy and felt something true and uninhibted in the poem's stanzas. There's a time and a place for a well-carved poem; and the right moment for something a bit more raw.

After, I found this great image of a woman being lifted up and over a house (maybe hers, maybe not). It felt like the perfect fit. Up, up and away....not unlike how this poem came into being.

Over the years, I've learned not to fight the writing that has a mind of its own. In fact, it's the out of control writing that makes me feel most connected to something way beyond myself...a God who chooses to reveal himself without direction, rhyme, or punctuation.

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